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Tips for taking your dogs to countries

Before bringing your pets to vacation remember to follow few steps. Also, make sure to book some dog friendly hotel singapore which will be making your vacation more interesting with pets. Dogs a veterinarian-issued health certificate certifying that pet is fit to fly. This certificate must be obtained within 10 days before departure.

  • A microchip, as well as proof of rabies immunisation from all countries where rabies is present.
  • Puppies must not be vaccinated before the age of three months, and their rabies vaccine must be at least a month old before travel. As a result, before entering the countries, a puppy must be at least 4 months old.
  • If your dog is going from one of these countries, their rabies certificate must be in English or be certified as such. If your dog’s rabies vaccine is not translated or finished by the veterinarian who administered the vaccine, your pet may be returned to the country of origin. So, keep in mind to get certified.
  • The dog must have a certificate signed by a full-time salaried veterinary officer from the region of origin stating that the dog was inspected for screwworm within 5 days of transportation. Some countries are stricter with this.

These are procedures before flying. But you have to book a is dog friendly hotel singapore only then you can enjoy your stay with you dogs. Also, many countries are stricter with some other procedures as well. Learn more about the countries that are allowing your pets.