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painting services singapore

Painting services Singapore – Know the best places to approach! 

Getting a house painting can be a difficult part of the entire renovation process. Sometimes, it gets messy and becomes a big hassle for the house owners. Apart from that, it is somewhat of an expensive service too. The prices of paints can be difficult on the pocket. Considering these factors, one should hire a good painting service company is crucial for the smooth process. So, here are the top painting services singapore has.

  1. A & J Painting Service 

They are registered under ACRA and have been serving their clients since 2007. They are a family-owned and operated business and have some of the most skillful professionals. They look after the painting needs for a huge clientele. They provide daily updates on the painting progress to the clients and try to wrap it up before the deadline.

  1. PS Painting Service Singapore 

They have stellar 20-year experience in the industry, making them one of the most reliable painting services singaporehas. Their prices and affordable and, they use quality paints and other products to deliver satisfactory services. To prolong the durability, they offer free touch-up service as well.

  1. Reliable Painting 

They have been in the painting industry for a decade now and have many happy customers to vouch for them. From the richest households to the corporate giants in Singapore, they have worked for several big clients proving their excellence.

Painting the house can be a nightmare to many because of the time, money, and efforts that go in. However, with a reliable painting service company, this process becomes a lot easier.